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Samsung Accuvix XG
Samsung Accuvix XG

The Samsung Accuvix XG was the top of the line system from Samsung prior to the release of the newer Accuvix A30. The XG was meant as a direct replacement to the popular Accuvix XQ as a shared service system capable of both 4D OBGYN images as well as full cardiac scans.

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System Overview
Year Launched 2010
Estimated Market Price ($) Mid
Monitor (inch) 19" LCD
Tilt/Rotate Adjustable Monitor Yes
Monitor Resolution 1280x1024
Image Size Resolution
Touch Screen (Inch) 9"
Trackball or Trackpad Trackball
Probe Ports 3
Boot-Up Time
Maximum Depth of Field 30cm
Minimum Depth of Field 2cm
Independent Steer & Lockable Wheels Yes
Convex (1~6Mhz) Yes
Micro Convex (5~8Mhz) Yes
Endocavity_Curved Type (5~8Mhz) Yes
3D Convex (2~6Mhz) Yes
3D Endocavity (3~10Mhz) Yes
3D Linear (4~18Mhz) Yes
Linear (3~12Mhz) Yes
Linear (<9Mhz) Yes
Linear 50mm Yes
Phased Array_Adult (1~5Mhz) Yes
Phased Array_Pediatric (3~8hz) Yes
Pencil CW (2Mhz) Yes
Pencil CW (5 or 6Mhz) Yes
Tissue Harmonic Imaging Yes
Spatial Compounding(=CrossXbeam) Yes
Speckle Reduction (=SRI) Yes
Auto Image Opt(B mode) Yes
Write Zoom Yes
Triplex Mode Yes
Auto NT Measurement (=Sono NT) Yes
Auto IMT Yes
Live Dual (B/BC) Mode Yes
Flexible Report Yes
Imaging Modes
2D, M mode Yes
M-color Flow Mode Yes
Anatomical M-mode Yes
Trapezoidal Mode Yes
Color, Power Angio, Pulse Wave Doppler Yes
SCW Doppler Yes
Tissue Doppler(Velocity) Imaging Yes
Live 3/4D OB/GYN Yes
Panoramic Imaging (=Logiq view) Yes
Strain-based Elastography Yes
Application Modes
Abdominal Yes
Women's Health Care (GYN & Breast) Yes
OB Yes
Fetal Echo Yes
Vascular Yes
TCD(Transcranial) Yes
Small Parts (Breast, Thyroid, Testis…) Yes
MSK/Anesthesiology Yes
Pediatrics Yes
Urology (Renal, Prostate…) Yes
Echocardiography_Adult Yes
Echocardiography_Pediatric Yes
Internal Medicine w/ Shared Service Yes
Contrast Imaging _ General Imaging (Low MI)
Contrast Imaging _ Cardiac (High or Low MI)
Bowel Imaging Yes
Strain Elastography Yes


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