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Philips CX50

The Philips CX50 launched in 2009 as the first Philips portable ultrasound and the most advanced portable ultrasound machine in the world. It continues to this day as the only truly premium portable ultrasound with support for both PureWave single crystal and xMatrix transducers, something no other portable ultrasound machine has as of 2016. The CX50 is a shared service ultrasound machine equally capable in radiology and OB/GYN as in cardiovascular applications.

SonoSite M-Turbo

The SonoSite M-Turbo improves upon the Micromaxx with even sharper imaging, while retaining the rugged portability SonoSite is famous for maintaining. It is the most popular compact PoC portable and offers many applications and procedures such as regional anesthesia, MSK, and EM which have been developed and expanded over what the Micromaxx offered.

GE Logiq e

The GE Logiq e is perhaps the most well-known and best selling portable in the world. It is a midrange to economy system with a good balance between features and price. The Logiq-e is shared service with GI, OB/GYN, and cardiovascular applications but not 4D. The Logiq e replaced the older Logiq book with a more standard laptop style form factor.

GE Voluson e

The GE Voluson e is an economy portable ultrasound machine that is a scaled down version of the Voluson-i. It still offers the best 4D image quality currently available in a portable machine but has less probes and features than the Voluson-i.

GE Voluson i

The GE Voluson i portable ultrasound machine, is the most advanced portable 4D ultrasound machine for women’s health in the world today. It offers the widest range of 4D transducers, and GE’s class-leading 4D imaging as well as proprietary GE efficiency technologies that speed up workflow. The Voluson i ultrasound machine is focused on Women’s Health but it can also support general imaging and vascular applications. Those familiar with the famous Voluson 730 will find image quality and speed similar in the Voluson i even though it is only the size of a laptop. Key technologies from the more expensive Voluson E8 like SonoNT, STIC, SonoVCAD heart, SonoAVC follical, and SonoVCAD labor are all available either standard or as options on the Voluson i.


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