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SONO Wipes
SONO Wipes
Highly hygienic

Thousands of medical professionals are suffering from damages to their equipment(investment) caused by using carelessly designed and manufactured Disinfectants and Gels. Stop using harmful generic Disinfectants and Gels. Sono Wipes, the patent pending, EPA approved solution kills 47 different pathogens, viruses, bacteria and keeps your equipment most sanitary and clean. Sono Gel, the sonographer’s best choice, keeps your equipment safe from damage while ensuring clear image quality. Get the right wipes and gels to preserve the lifespan of your valuable assets and reduce liability from potential patient shock.

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  • Kills over 47 Pathogens
  • EPA approved and meets OSHA’s Bloodborne Pathogen Standard 1910.1030
  • Safe Without Gloves
  • LCD/Touch screen safe
  • Won’t damage equipment
  • Large 7×10 wipe size

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